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Welcome to dungeon castings


This site is the home of Dungeon Castings, who make and sell a number of models for the 25mm and 15mm scale.  The models can be used for a number of game setting fantasy, future, both for war games and role-playing games.  Each model is hand cast to the highest standards.  Many of these models come supplied assembled and unpainted. As well as using custom blocks our models also contain some Hirst art blocks.

These models can be used for a number of roleplaying games like Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying, D&D, Heroquest, Space hulk and Runequest to name a few.

At the present time we have a number of scenery models over a number of ranges.

You can also purchase our goods via Our Ebay Shop.

Ruined tower

Starship room Range - This is a new range containing a number of models for the Sci-Fi games like Space Hulk or Warhammer 40k.War game range this range features terrain elements for the 15mm /25mm scale.

6mm Buildings - In this range there is a number of buildings for the 6mm wargame rules.  Model are for medevial to Scifi settings

Mythical-Link - A new building system developed by Mythical Dungeons.  A very easy method to build buildings.

Modelling Materials - In this range you will find flock, lichen and other materials.

Resin Models - is this range you will find 40 models made from resin for the 25mm scale and would make a fine addition to your Heroquest / Dungeon and Dragons dungeons. All our resin models are made from sold resin and come assembled/unpainted.

Resin Models

Bridge range - This range features a number bridges and are designed for the 15mm and 25mm scale.

Buildings range - A range of buildings containing temples shines, castle walls Sci-Fi buildings and many more. The scales are 6mm and 25mm.

Caverns range - A range of carven walls featuring textured walls and feature for use in cavern adventures.

Dungeon rooms range - This range contains models both is the tomb style, gothic style and fieldstone style.  Each of these models is designed to the 25mm scale. For use in roleplaying games like runequest, Warhammer or Heroquest to name a few..

Dungeon Features range - A range of features to enhance your dungeon form single part models to full sets. These models are compatible with a number of game systems like Heroquest, Warhammer, Dungeon and Dragons.

Fieldstone Dungeon

With new model arrving each month why not sign up for our monthly newsletter. By emailing louise@dungeoncastings.co.uk


Dungeon Castings produces models with Hirst Arts blocks as well as a number of custom blocks.

Dungeon Castings has permission to produce models from Mythical Dungeons.



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copyright dungeon castings 2008-2017 some photos courtesy of hirst arts
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